"Eggs, Fire and Ashes' does not stop at merely showing us the colorful activities of a foreign culture...  Participants speak for themselves and describe their preparations, attitudes, and experiences.  It is among the best films on carnival in any country"
Peter Tokofsky, Professor,
Department of World Arts and Cultures, UCLA
Eggs, Fire, and Ashes
A film by Albert Gasser
           lthough better known for its chocolate, tight-lipped banks, and  picturesque Alps, Switzerland is also home to some of the oldest and strangest Carnival traditions in the world. When the late winter Carnival spirit erupts in the cities and remote mountain villages, the normally reserved Swiss don masks and re-encounter each other in surprisingly earthy ways. In this film, participants of all ages reflect on the importance of Carnival to themselves and their communities, as well as on its future.
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